Buttereegee is Peanuteegee and Jellyeegee's youngest sister, she talks that much than her supreme enemy

Buttereegee v3

Baby Butter Otter, she speaks normally and she is best friends with Scootcheegee and Pookieegee (the sister of Kipeegee), she lives in Disgee Planet and she is second in command of Lake Hoogee, She also made a army called Squadron of Butter to defeat disbanded The Anti-Weegee Alliance members, she was created when Weegee used 42eegee's Weegee Clone Maker to create Peanuteegee a sister.

Powers Edit

Butter: She'll throw poisonous butter at you.

Buttereegee Virus: When she stares at you she'll give you the Buttereegee Virus and you'll become a Buttereegee clone.


A Puddle of Butter: She'll melt into a puddle of butter if she had turned on this ability. this will cause enemies to get eaten by her. she'll turn it off and merge back into her normal form.

Eat: Instead of turning into a puddle of butter she'll be in her normal form she'll try and eat her enemies.