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2.0 Form

Don't be confused with the Cyber Weegee page from Weegeepedia.

CyberWeegee is a Fakegee who is made of computer data, he is brothers with Cybergee. He can travel through CyberSpace His base

origin is 10010110 (150). He was killed by Nukegee when he planted a bomb in CyberWeegee's base origin chip. He was revived by Owli Clone #5567885. CyberWeegee escaped, where Amelloused his computer to upgrade CyberWeegee's base origin chip, turning him into CyberWeegee 2.0. 

CyberWeegee 2.0 spent the next five years on the run from Nintendon't, which was determined to get him back, especially with his new upgrade. Eventually imadoofus was blown up by Nukegee and Nintendoofus crumbled.CNN made a hit TV drama about the whole story about CyberWeegee.

Cyberweegee Original Transparent