Derwli is a Fakewli who was created when a Owli Clone got exposed to Dark Energy Radiation, he joined the Pac-Owli Army, he is friends with Dereelee, Dereegee, Derweelee, LLRowli, Owli, Beelee, Pawleeh, Keewee, Beegee, Weegee, Meegee, Malleo, Good Plankteegee, Luweegee, Marioxs and Moar Krabs, his wife is Derawleeh, his other relations is Deroweeh, Derawlena, Derurci, Mawthur Dergiz, Derawhuwleoj, Derllie, Derlliiie and Derlichv.

He is enemies with Sqeegee, Sqeenee, Sqalleo, Samasqeegee, Squidward, Skodwarde, Mr. Krabs, Weenee, Fails Doll, Peenee and Urineegee. He is also a tough Fakewli due that he did working out at his home, he also owns the Powli Veel Gym for new members of the Pac-Owli who wanted to join. He also likes FFR Soda and created a product called DER Soda which can make the Pac-Owli Army increase their power level, health and strength.