Disgee Planet is a planet that is part of the United Gees Galaxy. Mickeegee created this place and all of the Disney Fakegees and Disney Fakegee Clones live there. Most Disney Fakegees can visit the United Gees Galaxy because some of the Disney Fakegees help The League of Weegees win many wars and most Fakegees from the United Gees' Galaxy can visit the Disgee Planet. The Capital of Disgee Planet is Higgli Tewn.


Hundred Acre Geewood

Higgli Tewn

Higgli Biggli City

Lake Hoogee

Sofiaeegee's City

Little Einsteingee Hangar

Mickeegee's Choo Choo Express

Left Ear: Mickeegee,Minnieegee,Donaldalleo,Donaldeegee,Daisyeegee,Goofyeegee,Goofyalleo,Max Goofalleo,Max Goofeegee, Clarabelleegee, Horaceegee,Horacealleo,Plutoushee,Figaroushee,Peteegee,Petealleo

Right Ear: Pooheegee,Pigleteegee,Eeyoreegee,Eeyoralleo,Poohalleo,Pigletalleo,Kangaeegee,Rooeegee,Rooalleo,Rabbiteegee,Rabbitalleo,Lumpeegee,Lumpyalleo, Mama Heffaeegee,Owleegee,Owlalleo,Owleegee and Owlalleo's Relatives,Tiggereegee and Tiggeralleo's Relatives,Rabbiteegee and Rabbitalleo's Relatives,Kessieegee

Head: Peanuteegee,Peanutalleo,Greanuteegee,Buttereegee,Jellyeegee and other PB&J Weegee Fakegees

Face: Other Playhouse Disgee Fakegees,Disgee Channel Fakegees and Other Disgee Fakegees



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Now remember Mickeegee and Peanuteegee are watching you Owli the II .

Trivia Edit

The Disgee Planet is also a zone in Weegee Robo Blast 2 when it was captured by one of the Playhouse Disney army members.