He was made when a Doctor Molar Fox clone got the Weegee Virus, he heals Fakegees when they are hurt and revives them and does other medical things and he reverts them into good Fakegees so they can return to Weegee's Army, he also owns a hospital called The Doctor Molareegee Hospital, he is friends with Weegee (due to him working very hard healing Fakegees that are damaged), Malleo, Samaweegee, Xuigee, Beegee, Greehee and Weehee, he also works as a dentist, he is enemies with Sqeegee, Sqalleo, Samaweegee, Maltroegee, Weewee and The Weegee Killers, he is a close ally with Moar Krabs because they seem to be enemies with Sqeegee.