Eiloleie is the Fortran version of Olie, he was created when Fortran wanted a clone of Owli that would help the Pac-Owli Army and the Fortran Army, he is friends with Fortran, Ouuliie, Owli, Ouwli, Uuulliiie, Bumbari, Marioxs, his teeth turned red after he ate several Power Pellet Gobstoppers, when he says "Push start to Pac-Gobstopper" he can create a large pile of Power Pellet Gobstoppers, when he says "Push start to Golden Pac" he can create a large pile of Pure Gold Power Pellets.

He also became a owner of Powli Veel's sweet company called "Powli Sweet Gobblers", his shop contained Power Pellet Gobstoppers, Power Pellet Chewing Gum, Power Pellet Candy and other Pac-Sweets he sells, he also got ₩850,000,000 per day each time the Pac-Bawt Galaxy citizens had bought Pac-Candy from his store, he converted the ₩850,000,000 cash he gets each day to Golden Power Pellets, he also worked in the Power Pellet Picking Plant and the Power Forest of Powli Veel.

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