Fire Yubee is Yubee's fire form, it can be activated if he has a Fire Flower, he only uses it if he is on a battle or

Fire Yubee

he can use it randomly.

Powers Edit

Flaming Budgeegee: He can shoot flaming Budgeegees out of his hands, if it hits you, you will become a Flappi Clone or a Birdeegee Clone or a Budgeegee as his ally of Yubee's Bird Army.

Fireballs: He can shoot fireballs out of his hands like Fire Malleo, if it hits you, you will become a Fire Flower.

Fire Yubee Stare: When he stares at you, you'll become a Fire Yubee Clone

Mega Giga Ultra Overlimit: He can charge the biggest, hugest, mega and nuclear explosive fireball out of his eyes and hurl it at his enemies.