Ghostubee was created when a Yubee Clone deceased and became evil to Yubee and Weegee, he is an enemy with Owli, Pawleeh, Zoweeh, Weegee due to him being a evil ghost, he is allies with the Zimbies that chomp innocent Fakegees, however he is friends with Samaweegee, Olie, Pollie since Olie and Pollie have ghost forms, Yubee and Rosy hates Ghostubee from terrorizing Higglitewn so Yubee usually sends Owli to chomp him, but he comes back, he is later kicked out of The United 'Gees Galaxy by Yubee, Owli, Weegee due to his evilness and was sent to the spiritualgee world, but he came back and lived in Planet Polie which is part of the United 'Gees Galaxy.

Ghost Yubee Normal

Powers Edit

Invisibility: He can turn Invisible.

Chomp: He can chomp Fakegees including Owli which can paralyse Weegees.