Gniltsnüg regäjremmak ttoH is a failed version of the Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings and an anti-fascist weegee. He is a member of the Weegee Air Rangers. He looks like Fleegee and Fleenee, but his colors of his overalls and shirt are slightly different than Fleegee and Fleenee. He is enemies with the Hott Kammerjägers fascist organization and the Weegee Killers (as well as the Weegee Killers allied militias, pirates, communists and fascists). His wife is EttefgniltsnüG regäjremmaK. He is friends with Weegee, Owli, Beegee, Pawleeh, Greegee, Malleo, Weebee, Moar Krabs and Meegee.

He also lives in the northern Amereegee parts of Sky Gee HtraE, he formed his anti-fascist militia. Like Von Paulgee, he has the ability to create Germaneegee planes. He can also create advanced-air technology for the Weegee Air Rangers, the Pac-Owli Army's air force and Professor Owli. He has a hatred with Sqeegee, Sqeenee, Von Paulgee, Fleenee and Fleegee (since Fleenee/Fleegee call him a imposter), Peenee, Peegee and Weewee.