Higglitewn is a place in Disgee Planet, Higglitewn is bigger than Higglytown and has more places than Higglytown and neon lights at buildings, it is more detailed and more better, it is built by Yubee and the citizens of Higglitewn.

Diffrences between Higglitewn and Higglytown Edit

Yubee's Yard has a farm which is Rosy's Farm, while Eubie's home hasn't got a farm.

Higglitewn has more police officers than Higglytown.

The population is very high in Higglitewn due to the fact there are a lot of Yubee Clones, Rosy Clones and clones of the Higglitewn Citizens, while the population in Higglytown is lower than Higglitewn and doesn't have any clones.

In Higglitewn, all of Yubee and Kep's family members live at their house as well as Wrane and Twenkal family members, while in Higglytown, some of Eubie, Wayne, Twinkle and Kip's family live separately.

There are neon lights in Higglitewn in most buildings, while Higglytown doesn't have any neon buildings.

The phones are GeePhones and 2000s-2010s phones, like the GeePhone and the GeePhone II in Higglitewn, while Higglytown only had 1980s phones.

There are more places in Higglitewn, while in Higglytown there are less places than that.

Disney Fakegees and Fakealleos live in Higglitewn.

In Higglitewn, there is also a Higgli Citizen and Higgly Kid Cloning Machine in Yubee's Cloning Factory, while there is no cloning machine in Higglytown.