Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings (translated Gee Exterminator Minions) are disfigured fascist Weegee Clones who work for Von Paulgee and the Hott Kammerjager fascist militia, they are created when a Weegee Clone turned into a fascist and joined Von Paulgee's fascist militia and then the clone made a Hott Kammerjäger Günstling Cloning Machine to create Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings, there is one failed Hott Kammerjäger Günstling clone named Gniltsnüg regäjremmak ttoH who is the opposite version of the Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings, joined the Weegee Air Rangers, made a anti-fascist militia called Sregäjremmak ttoH.

Some Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings also work for the Weegee Killers, their female counterparts are the Hott Kammerjäger Günstlingfettes who also work for the Weegee Killers and the Hott Kammerjägers. They have the ability to use the Hott Kammerjäger Günstling Stare which change people's behaviour into fascist behaviour, they can also use the Hott Kammerjäger Günstling Virus which can also turn people into a Hott Kammerjäger Günstling. Most of them are mute, but some of them can speak.

Differences between Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings and Weegee Clones Edit

Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings are 8 times stronger than normal Weegee Clones.

When Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings are charging their stare, their eyes glow black, while normal Weegee Clones eyes glow blue.

Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings are slightly faster than normal Weegee Clones.

Unlike Weegee Clones, Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings are never mind controlled and are mind controlled by Von Paulgee.

The Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings hair is black, while normal Weegee Clones is brown.

Hott Kammerjäger Günstlings have red eyes and white eye pupils like Wegar.

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