Hott Kammerjagers (translated Gee Exterminators) is a fascist Anti-Weegee milita group which is formed by Von Paulgee. The milita operates underground in Sky Gee HtraE at the southern parts of Amereegee. It's objective is to wipe out any Fakegee/Weegee/Weegee Person/Weegee Clone who is at Weegee's side. They also built super technology machines such as superzeppelins with super armed weapons such as the Great Red Rocket, the Super Flak Rocket which can damage other targets in a medium range.

They were also offered by the Weegee Killers to join forces with the Hott Kammerjagers to get rid of Weegee, they accepted. The fascist milita was first originated in Germaneegee. The militia mainly use Weegnukers planes, Weegblaster planes, General Planes, Hellhound Planes and Hott X-100 Planes, they also hate the Mahziis and the Wahziis too.