The Indeegee Temple is a temple located somewhere in Sky Gee HtraE but the place is unknown. The temple is rumored by Rumorgee to be located in Sea Haveegee and was built by Indeegee, but this was assumed false. The Indeegee Temple is located in an island with tornadoes, lightning bolts and a huge storm. The island is known to have pirate raids from the Fortreegee Looters, the Polie Kids, Weegee Killers, Red Skullgee Legion, Higgly Bombers, Higgly Biggly Bombers and the Hott Kammerjagers. The Indeegee Temple is located in a rocky valley.

Weegee Aviator Explorers and Non-Weegee Aviator Explorers found the island and wrote books about this mysterious temple. A few times, Owli and Pawleeh took photos of this island and the temple to find some sightings if Hypneegee is somewhere in this island, this was indeed true according to The Hypneegee File: February 2016. Weegee Aviator Explorers also found the sightings of Hypneegee in this island such as an odd looking zeppelin seen near the temple with glowing eyes at the front of the zeppelin, but it disappeared eventually and the General plane with glowing eyes at the front of the plane, it remained visible. 

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