Kep is a evil version of Kip, he was created by Twenkal using EvilDNA and Kip's DNA and Voideegee's DNA,

Kep Transparent

he likes UFOS and he also owns one he had stole one of the Aliengees UFOS because he had found out that they were real, he is another best friend of Jellyeegee and a ally of Big Jet and Astroeegee and he is supreme enemies with Voideegee, The Void, Kip, The Einsteins and the Playhouse Disney Army. Kep is known to be immune to Voideegee and The Void's attacks due to the fact Kep has the same void related attacks as him and health and The Void's blackholes also heal Evil Kip and is also known to have his own Void Dimension as a battlestation, he joined Kipeegee's Robot Army.

Powers Edit

Vacuum: When he stares at someone he creates a Vacuum at their lungs to suffocate them.

Void: He can create a void to vacuum others to a void and is used to healh himself.

Void Dimension Portal: He can make a portal to the Void Dimension to explore and fight with Voideegee.

Kep Virus: When he stares at someone they'll become a Kep clone.

Blackhole: He can create blackholes in any size to stretch people and make them not exist temporaily and is used to heal himself.

Morph: He can morph into a black hole or a wormhole or a void.