Keppawr is the weegee version of Kipper. He was created when Weegee DNA and Kipper DNA was fused


together. He is friends with Sawneek, Owli, Weegee, Moar Krabs, Meegee, Teehee, Suteegee, Yushee, Tails Doll, Lingo, Fortran and Zeemee. He lives in Londeegee which is located in Sky Gee HtraE. Keppawr also hates the Weegee Killers and owns a privateer organization called the "Keppawr Bone Legion ". Keppawr is enemies with Peenee, Maylleo, Weewee, Heenee, Greenee, Samaweegee, Evil Keppawr, Xullgee, Sooteegee, Xullmee, Xullhmee, Xullhee, Xullhalleo, Maltroegee, Fatran, Luigi and Samasqeegee. Keppawr also made the Gee X-007 (an unlicenced plane), but an authorized version of the Gee X-007 was made by Hughgees Aviation called the Gee X-007 Mk II. ==Powers==

Keppawr Stare: When he stares at something/someone, they'll become a Keppawr Clone.Laser Beam: He can shoot a large orange laser from his eyes that could dissolve a person in seconds.

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