The Keppawr Bone Legion is a privateer organization created by Keppawr. The Keppawr Bone Legion's

Keppawr Bone Legion

base of operations is located in Londeeegee in Sky Gee HtraE. The Keppawr Bone Legion's rivals is the Fortune Hunteegees, The Black Swaneegees, The Red Skullgee Legion, The Decarleegees, The Montaneegee Raiders, Weegee Killers, Malleo Killers, Yushee Killers and the Polie Kids organization.

The Keppawr Bone Legion commonly have Gee X-007, Ravens, Avengers, Vampires, Devastators and the Peacemakers and etc. The Keppawr Bone Legion's zeppelins are usually small size and medium size, while a few of their zeppelins are large. They operate at a cavern called Volcano Keppawr which is under the ground.

Members Edit

Keppawr (Leader)





Keppawr Clones

Tawigur Clones

Peeg Clones

Awrnawld Clones

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