Kipeegee's Robot Army is led by Kipeegee, Kep and Masie his army is part of the League of Weegees., their objective is to destroy the Little Einsteins, destroy spammers of Weegeepedia and kidnap and kill every Weegee and Malleo from the Anti-Weegee Alliance and convert them into robots and become part of the army, some of the members aren't robots.

Members Edit

Kipeegee (Leader)

Kipalleo (second in command)

Kipmee (fourth in command)

Meegee 3.0

Legoeegee VI

Robot Kipeegee

Robot Weegee

Robot Weegee Clones



Gemeegee III

Kep (third in command)




Sawneek Clone III

VoidK (a copy of the VoidX made by Kep)

Stolen VoidX Ships (ships that are hijacked and stolen by Kep and Masie)

Big Jet

Rowkit Clones

Big Jet Clones

Crazygee IV

Funky (inventor)

Robot Malleo

Robot Awheeo



Urineegee III

Mehrioeh III

Waweemba III

Gralleo IV (clone)

Weegee Experiment 3931


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