LLRowli is a fakeli created when a Owli Clone was fused with Limeegee DNA, his best friend is LLRbeelee and his close friends are LLRscruwi, LLRbeenki and LLRweelee, his wife is LLRpawleeh and his sisters and brothers are LLRzoweeh, LLRcuuchee and LLRcuu, he also created Lime Flavoured Power Pellets and Normal Green Power Pellets which can make the person have the ability to increase speed, he is friends with Owli, Pawleeh, Beelee, Gmajorli and Zoweeh.

He is enemies with Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel, Screwy, Stephanie Polie, Samaweegee, Maltroegee, Samasqeegee, Sqeegee, Sqalleo, Osama Bin Weegee, Killotran, Balleo, Banditeegee, Roguegee and Luigi, he also created LLRlawhuwleoj, LLRuuulliiie, LLRoli, LLRoliedx, LLRolichv, LLRullie, LLReilo6eeh and his mother is LLRpawlena, his father is LLRpurci and his uncle is LLRmawthur Giiz.

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