Masie Transparent

Mazeeh is Kep's wife, she was created by Kep, her son is Kep Jr and daughter is Masie Jr, she is known

to troll her enemies, she is also mischevious and naughty, she most of the time trolls Playhouse Disney Army as her main target, she is friends with Yubee, Wrane, Twenkal, Kep, Frwan, Owli, Pawleeh, Rozeeh, Kazeeh, Spunkeeh, Beegee, Beelee, Zoweeh, Weegee, Meegee,Greegee, Heegee and Heshegee, she also joined the Weegee Air Rangers.

She is enemies with Sqeegee, Sqalleo, Sqeenee, Plankteegee, Plankton, Squidward, Samaweegee, Maltroegee, Maltrolleo, Osama Bin Weegee, Luigi, Dr.Scientisteegee, Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel and Screwy.

Powers Edit

Masie Virus: If she stares at someone, they'll become a Masie clone.

Rapid Fire: Same as Twenkal and Yubee.