Mickeegee is created when a Mickey Mouse clone got the Weegee Virus. He can shrink to mouse size and make any rat or mouse follow him including Mickeegee Clones. Instead of the Weegee virus, he gives the Mouse Virus which turns people into mice. He assassinated Minnie Mouse and was friends with Gangsteegee. He was killed the day after he turned half the Fakegee population into mice. He really likes CHEESE, he later got revived by Weegee. He is friends with Mowsa. He is a liked weegee king known as the army of his called Disgee, his wife is Minnieegee in which Greanuteegee created her and Geanuteegee made him to join the League of Weegees, he later has new powers, he became part o the Weegee Air Rangers.

Powers Edit

Mouse Virus

Mickeegee Virus: When he stares something or someone they'll turn into a Mickeegee Clone.

Toon Mickeegee

Toon Mickeegee

Shrink to Mouse Size