Ms. Furn is a legendary aviation pilot of the Weegee Air Rangers, the weird version of Ms. Fern and the wife of Mr

Ms Furn v3

 Electreechawn, she was created when Yubee, Rosy, Wrane, Spunky, Twenkal, Funky, Kep, Masie and the other kids of Higglitewn wanted a Legendary pilot, they added Ms. Fern's DNA to Weegee's DNA.

She has been given a lot of pilot medals from Weegee due to her bravery for shooting down more than 5 enemy pilots, she is friends with Ulona, Paesh, Greegee, Suteehee and Suteemee, her daughter is Ms. Furn Jr, she is supreme enemies with Histler, Ms. Fern, Samaweegee, Weegee Killers and Weewee


Ms Furn Stare

Laser Vision: Can shoot deadly lasers out of her eyes.

Ms Furn Virus


Overlimit: Same as Yubee, but is a pink colour.