The Nation of Hollyweegee is a nation located in Sky Gee HtraE. President Davideegee who is president of

Nation of Hollyweegee Flag
Nation of Hollyweegee Map

this nation and is run by a Elected legislature government. The Hollyweegee Knights are also known to run their base of operations in the nation. The Nation of Hollyweegee is known to have movie stars and movies being made there more often.

The Red Drageegees and The Little Einstein Reapers pirate organization also operate in this nation launching air pirate raids in the Nation of Hollyweegee. Most times, Uncle Zeke and Kip (who are part of the Weegee Killers) had pulled out danger zone stunts in tight-spaces such as the Seaplane Hangar, the Hollyweegee Sign, the props of upcoming films that Weegees and Non-Weegees are planning and the Big Apple building props. Airaces are also presented in the nation for Fakegees/Weegees/Non-Weegees who are interested to enter (even an air pirate and privateer would enter in the competetion.

Notable Citizens Edit

President Davidgee

Charleegee Steele (Leader of the Hollyweegee Knights)