Olie Polie (nicknamed "Chaser") is the husband of Pollie Polie, the

brother of Coochie, Zowie Polie, Coo, Stephanie Polie and Sophie Polie, he

is the leader of the Bot Corpration and he joined the Weegee Killers due that he hates Owli and is second in command of the Weegee Killers, he is best friends with Billy Bevel and close friends with Screwy, Wheelie, he is the archenemy of Owli, the enemy of Owli Jr, Pawleeh, Beelee, Stubler, the Multicolored Owlis,Scruwi, Weegee, Meegee, Greegee, Malleo, Heegee, Zeegee and Suteegee.

Olie Polie is also friends with Samaweegee, Maltroegee, Blinky Polie, Pinky Polie, Inky Polie, Clyde Polie, Sue Polie, Binky Bevel, Sqeegee, Sqeenee,Sqalleo, Peenee, Weewee, Kip, Wayne, Twinkle, Eubie, Weegario, Caveegee,Reegee and Maltrolleo. Olie Polie in his Pac-Man form is described being short-tempered, bossy, nasty, evil and mean, In his normal form he is described being not acting short-tempered.

PowersEdit Edit

  • Chomp: When Olie Polie chomps someone, they'll be paralyzed temporaily.