Ouuliie is the Guiyii version of Olie. Like Guiyii was made, he was created when Owli stared in a mirror Ouuliie-0creating Ouuliie, he is friends with Guiyii, Weegee, Marreoh, 4tren, Fortran, Fotran, Greegee, Meegee, Owli, Uuulliiie and Heegee, he joined the Pac-Owli Army and became an employee of the Power Forest in Powli Veel, he is also Uuulliiie's closest friend due that they look similar to each other, since he cannot stare he made Ouuliie Cloning Machines so that he wouldn't worry about making clones of himself. He is enemies with Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel, Screwy, Stephanie Polie and is the archenemy of Sophie Polie, he also hated Weenees who were not at Weegee's side, he also created the largest army of Ouuliie Clones to defend the Pac-Owli Army, Like Guiyii, he has the ability to use Hypnotic Explosive Mind Control, later Ouuliie's stare has developed, his stare ability was when his eye beams hit anyone, they'll be in a eternal doom vortex and would explode or became a Ouuliie Clone.

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