Owli.exe is an Owli Clone who was created when he played the Sawneek.exe game after Round 2 started. Owli.exe can be quite a brutal psychopath and will try and kill Weegee's enemies. He is friends with Owli, Yushee, Keppawr, Weegee Clone 7734, Beegee, Meegee, Greemee, Bob, Beelee.exe, Scruwi.exe and Weelee.exe. Owli.exe's sisters and brothers is Zoweeh.exe, Cuu.exe and Cuuchee.exe. His wife is Pawleeh.exe.

He is enemies with Fails Doll, Slenderman, Luinee, Samaweegee, Samasqeegee, Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel, Screwy, Sooteegee II, Sqeegee, Peenee, Peengee, Peeneegee, Suteenee, Villager, Maltroegee, Maltrolleo and Urineegee. Owli.exe's sons and daughters is Samaowli.exe, Owli.exe Jr, Baby Owli.exe, Pawleeh.exe, Samapawleeh.exe and Baby Pawleeh.exe.

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