Pac-Owli is a video game developed by Virtual 'Gees Entertainment and they publish

ed it for the Nintendon't Disgee and other Nintendon't consoles and arcade cabinets from the Weegee 

Arcades, it was based on the Pac-Owli War, the Pac-Owli TV series, it is developed on Yubee's Doom Legaceegee Game Engine he made, they later imported the game to the Weegee Arcades, it is similar to the Puwk Mahn game "Puwk Lawnd" and the Puwk Mahn animated GeeVision (GV) series.

Pac-Owli Logo Pac-Owli Logo Gameplay EditOwli, his sister, wife and son and daughter in his Pac-Man form must travel through Higglitewn, Disgee Planet and the United 'Gees Galaxy to do missions, along the way on his journey, the bots do their best to chomp Owli. The Bot Gang members ride in different transportation forms such as cars, planes, pogosticks and buses and etc to ambush and chase Owli and friends from Powli Ville. Zowie Polie just chases Owli from behind and picks him off the ground and she tries to chomp him. Main Characters EditOwli Powli (In his Pac-Man form) Pawleeh Powli (In her Ms. Pac-Man form) Jr Pawleeh Powli (In her Ms. Pac-Man form) Zoweeh Powli (In her Ms. Pac-Man form) Jr Owli Powli (In his Jr Pac-Man form) Jr Zoweeh Powli (In her Jr Pac-Man form) Olie Polie "Blinky" Pollie Polie "Pinky" (Her nickname is Polly Polie) Billy Bevel "Inky" Screwy "Clyde" Stephane Polie "Sue" Zowie Polie "Sue" Binky Bevel "Tim" Coo Polie "Common" Coochie Polie "Grey Common" Sophie Polie Supporting Characters EditYubee Rosy Jex Kacie Wrane Spunky Twenkal Funky Punky Kep Masie Weke Tene Stylist James Weegee people who live in Higglitewn Weegee Other Fakegees Weegee Clones Bonuses Edit