Scootcheegee is one of Pincheegee's little brothers he is known to be the second clumsy Fakegee first

Scootcheegee v2

Buttereegee's best friend "Scootcheegee". V2 look

Fakegee then Scootcheegee, then Scootchalleo and Goofyeegee, he is more rambunctious than the good version of Scootch his enemy he hates alot and bit of a trouble-maker to every Weegee and Weegee people, Unlike the good version of Scootch he talks alot and appears all the time and doesn't make cameos, his catchphrase is "Sorry Sorry my fault" if he had invaribly knocks something over if he didn't he'll say "What do you know it's not my fault". He makes alot of mistakes and most of the time he accidentally ruins Rabbiteegee's Garden, but he still has a good heart and apolgizes. Sometimes he feels left out due to his clumsiness but everyone loves him, including Pincheegee, well not all of them like him, he is 3 years old and he is one of Buttereegee's best friends he joined the League of Weegees, he also has brothers named Scootchalleo, Scootchmee and Scooach (weegee version of Scootch), his cousins are Scootchbee, Rickygee, Rickalleo, Rickmee, Pinchbee and Rickybee.

Powers Edit

Scootcheegee Virus

Push button to POW: When he says "Push button to POW" things around him will explode.

The Scootcheegee Stare: When he stares at you or an object, you will explode in a nucelar explosion.
63px-Scootcheegee v1

Orginal v1 look