Spunky v4

Spunkeeh is the wife of Wrane, she is Rosy's best friend, she loves desserts like ice cream, cakes, pies,

cheese cakes, lolly pops, lollies and many other desserts, she is  archenemies with Chica that is Ms. Fern's student, she is friends with Owli, Pawleeh , Beelee, Scruwi, Beenki, Beegee, Greegee, Keewee, Luweegee, Yeehee,Derwli, LLRowli, Fakewli, Suteegee, Meegee, the Multicolored Owli Clones,Weegee Clone 7734 and Cakegee.

She also joined the Weegee Air Rangers, Weegee's Army, Heegee's Army and the Weegee PD, her sisters are Twenkal and Weenkii, her brothers are Funkeeh, Steeleest and Punkeeh, she is enemies with Sqeegee, Sqeenee, Sqalleo, Peenee, Urineegee, Weewee, Toastgee, Luigi, Weenee, Maltroegee, Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel, Screwy, Stephanie Polie and the bots of the Bot Galaxy.

Powers Edit Edit

Spunkeeh Virus: When she stares at someone, they'll become a Spunkeeh clone.

Dessert: When he says "Dessert", you will become any type of dessert like cakes, lolly pops and pies and etc.