The Villager Army is an army created by a group of Villagers from Minecraft, the army also includes Iron

The Villager Army

The Villager Army Flag

Golems too, it is allied with the Steve Army, Steevee Army and Weegee's Army, it is supreme enemies with the Roblox Army, Polieville Bombers, Olie's Henchmen, Polly's Henchmen and The Higgly Bombers and is enemies with the Weegee Killers pirate organization and armies/pirates allied with the Weegee Killers pirates, the army also has an avivation air force called "The Villager Air Rangers" or "Villager Air Rangers".


Generic Villagers

Farmer Villagers

"Cleric" Priest Villagers

Librarian Villagers

Butcher Villagers

Blacksmith Villagers

Baby Generic Villagers

Baby Farmer Villagers

Baby "Cleric" Priest Villagers

Baby Librarian Villagers

Baby Butcher Villagers

Baby Blacksmith Villagers

Iron Golems

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