Theowlikid1221 is a Fakewli who was created when an Owli Clone got fused with Theminecraftkid1221 DNA, his smile is slightly different than Owli's due that the DNA had altered his look. He is friends with Owli, LLRowli, Yeehee, Teehee, Keewee, Heegee, Steveegee, Weegee, Beegee, Theminecraftkid1221, Theweeleekid1221 and Thescruwikid1221.

Unlike Owli, his hat is yellow and wears gaming headphones. His best friend is Thebeeleekid1221. His sisters and brothers is Thezoweehkid1221, Thecuucheekid1221, Thecuukid1221 and Theprofessorowlikid1221. His wife is Thepawleehkid1221. His sons and daughters is Theowlijrkid1221, Thebabyowlikid1221, Thesamaowlikid1221, Thesamapawleehkid1221, Thepawleehjrkid1221 and Thebabypawleehkid1221. And his archenemy is Theoliekid1221.

He can also use "Theowlikid1221 Stare" which can transform people into Theowlikid1221 Clones. He also has laser vision which can shoot giant green lasers from his eyes. He also has an Advanced version of X-Ray Vision which can make him see things more clearly than Weegee's X-Ray Vision.