Uuulliiie is the Uigi version of Olie, he was created by Owli when Owli asked a Owli Clone to be fused with


Uigi DNA, he is part of the Pac-Owli Army, he is friends with Uigi, Weegee, Weengee, Weeneegee, Meegee, Beelee, Oli and Jr Owli. He is archenemies with Pollie Polie due that she thinks that Uuulliiie is ugly and wanted to chomp him more often than Owli, he is closest friends with Marshall and supports him more often, he is enemies with Olie Polie, Pollie Polie, Billy Bevel, Screwy, Samaweegee, Peenee, Sqeegee, Skelemar and Weewee.

Like Owli, he works in the Power Forest of Powli Veel and has a feather in his hat. His ability is to turn people into Uuulliiie Clones, generates Pac-Dots, he can be mute sometimes like the Owli Clones due that Uuulliiie is originally classified as an Owli Clone, he also created a place near Planet Powli called Planet Uuulliiie that is inhabited by Uuulliiie and his clones, he hates Mario and Luigi even more than the Weegee Killers because he thinks that they are imposters of Weegee and Malleo.