Von Paulgee is a fascist Weegee. He formed the Hott Kammerjagers in Germaneegee and persuaded a lot of Weegee Clones to join the fascist group he had formed. He also become allies the Weegee Killers to help them destroy Weegee. He is enemies with Weegee, Meegee, Keewee,Leogee, Beegee, Scientistgee, Professor Weegee, the Weegee Air Rangers members, Moar Krabs, Sanic Hegehog and Aviatorgee.

Unlike most Weegees, he wears the Hott Kammerjager wristband instead of the Mahziis wristband, even he has the Hott Kammerjager facist symbol on his hat. He created Germangee looking planes and technology which is more advanced and more powerful. He is an Anti-Mahzii, an Anti-Wahzii. He has the ability to make Weegee Clones with Hott Kammerjager uniforms and wristbands, the ability to shoot red deadly tesla beams from his eyes and has the ability to summon Germangee looking planes.

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