Weke is Kep, Pooky, Tene and Masie's sister and the weird version of Wiki, She is friends with Twenkal, Rosy and Spunky, she is part of Yubee's Higglikid Army and she is enemies with Wiki, Tini, Kip and the Higglykids of Higglytown.


Weke Virus



Diffrences between Weke and WikiEdit

Weke is the same size as Twenkal and is younger while Wiki is taller than Tini, Yubee, Eubie and Rosy.

Weke is always with the Higglikids and appears 100% with the Higglikids, while Wiki is seen less often and is not with the Higglykids.

She lives at Kep's house while Wiki doesn't live there.

She goes to Ms. Furn's Millitary School while Wiki doesn't goes to Ms. Fern's School.