Wrane is a evil version of Wayne and the brother of Twenkal, he is created when Yubee got Wayne's DNA

Wrane Transprant

and EvilDNA and a lot Weegee's DNA and Malleo's DNA since Yubee wanted a best friend, he is obsessed with toasters and toast like Hotel Malleo and he is a fan of Hotel Malleo and Hotel Weegeedue that he likes toast, he is very evil, his wife is Spunky and he is supreme enemies with Wayne and Twinkle, he is enemies with Playhouse Disney Army and the Weegee Killers and is rivals with Toastgee, he is close friends with Weegee, Malleo, Deegee and Samalleo since they wear overalls.

Powers Edit

Toastgees: Whan he says "Toastgees", you'll become a slice of toast or a tower of toast.

Wrane Virus: Whan he stares at you, you'll become a Wrane Clone.

Roast: When he stares at you, you will be roasted instantly.

Toast Throw: He'll throw toast at you, when you are hit by his Toast you will die.