Yubee is the weegee version of Eubie and the king of Heegleetewn, he is created by Owli and Pawleeh in

Yubee Remade v2

the Powli Veel Lab when they combined Eubie's DNA and EvilDNA and added some of Weegee's DNA to make him have some of Weegee's abilities and alter them, he is friends with Weegee, Birdeegee, Owli, Pawleeh, Beelee, LLRowli, Derwli his army is Yubee's Bird Army, his eye colour is the same as Weegee his aunt is Aunt Marlee and his uncle is Uncle Zuutar, his sister is Rozeeh, his wives is Luzeeh, Awlace, Auulace and Awgawlena since they loved him and his pet is Flappi.

He is supreme enemies with Eubie and Yubie and enemies with Wayne, Twinkle, Kip, Fran and the Playhouse Disney Army, he later became a employee of Nintendon't and the manager of the Birdeegee Sanctum, he also has an army called Yubee's Higglikid Army and Yubee's Higglitewn Army, he also joined the Weegee Air Rangers and Weegee's Army, his sons is Yubee Jr and Baby Yubee.

List of RelativesEdit

  • Rozeeh (sister)
  • Awlace (sister/wife)
  • Auulace (sister/wife)
  • Awgawlena (sister/wife)
  • Kazeeh (cousin)
  • Jawuux (cousin)
  • Aunt Marlee (aunt)
  • Uncle Zuutar (uncle)
  • Grwhandpawp Krewhank (grandfather)

Powers Edit

Bite: Can bite opponents with his razor sharp teeth and eat dead opponents corpses with his razor teeth.

Rapid Fire: Can rapidly fire lasers out of his eyes.

Death Stare: When he stares at you, you will die or become a pile of feathers that Yubee can use to heal himself and have his cape form or can turn a person into a Yubee Clone.

Yubee Virus: Like the Death Stare, you will become a Yubee Clone via the Death Stare.

Overlimit: Can charge a big fireball out of his eyes and hurl it at his enemies.

X-Ray Vision: Same as Weegee.

Nest: Can Nest Higglikids more quickly than a Higglykid.

Death Flower: He is strangely immune to Death Flowers and when he says "Death Flower", he becomes Death Yubee, he sometimes uses it to destroy his enemies.

Diffrences between Yubee and EubieEdit

  • Yubee's red sleeves are sticking out, while Eubie's red sleeves don't and will only appear when Eubie is using one or two hands.
  • Yubee has outlines and a cartoony style, while Eubie doesn't have those features.
  • Yubee has more forms than Eubie.
  • He is short tempered when he gets attacked, While Eubie isn't.
  • Yubee has a wife named Rosy, while Eubie doesn't.
  • Yubee's family is bigger because he has sons and daughters while Eubie Family is smaller.

Diffrences between Yubee and his ClonesEdit

  • His clones have a C on their shirt while Yubee doesn't.
  • When Yubee is charging his stare his eyes glow yellow while his clones glow red.
  • His clones health is the same as Wrane's.