Zoweeh v2

Zoweeh is the brother of Owli, Pawleeh, Cuu and Cuuchee, the daughter of Pawlena and Purci and the

Weegee version of Zowie Polie she is 3 years old and is friends with Beenki, Weegee, Beelee, Beelee Jr, Weeneegee, Weengee, Greegee, Meegee, Luweegee, Walleo, Waweegee, Malleo, Sawneek, Tails Doll her nephew is Owli Jr and her niece is Pawleeh Jr, she is enemies with Zowie Polie, Olie Polie, Billy Bevel, Pollie Polie, Coochie, Coo, Maltroegee, Samaweegee, Banditalleo, Banditeegee, Reegee, Weenee, Qeegee, Peenee, Weewee and Maltropeenee.

She also joined the Pac-Owli Army and Weegee's Army, she is known to be six times more intelligent than Zowie Polie, she has the ability to use her X-Ray Vision like Weegee, she can also use the Zoweeh Virus including Laser Vision, however it can shoot pink lasers, she hates Binky Bevel even more due that she knows that Binky doesn't likes Weegees who are at Weegee's side, She is also seen often with Owli and Pawleeh, Unlike Owli, Pawleeh and Beelee, she has a gold feather on her hat instead of a plain white feather.

List of Fakeoweehs She CreatedEdit

  • Fakeoweeh
  • Sutoweeh
  • Teeoweeh
  • Teaoweeh
  • Groweeh
  • Zeeweeh
  • Beeweeh
  • Waweeh
  • LLRzoweeh
  • Gmaoweeh

Differences between Zoweeh and ZowieEdit

  • Zoweeh wears a brown hat with a golden feather, while Zowie doesn't.